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Bench-top Vacuum Systems, Bespoke Control System Design
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Benchtop Control

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Budget Temperature Controller

A multi-phased project, designed on a very tight budget.

This multichannel temperature controller was designed to improve the flow of steam into an oxidation furnace by heating new stainless feed pipes, which replaced the original nylon ones. Prior to this controller, the steam would condense on the feed pipes and block the issolation valve.

Further phases of the project involed an auto-fill system for the steam reservoir, and then using the existing electronics to automate the heating and filling process.
X-Y-Z-Theta Stage

Another multi-phased project. This system is designed to place an object into a point within a 50mm cubed volume, to an accuracy of 1 micron.

The first phase was to build the drive stage and the control system. These can be seen in the images below.

The inherent inaccuracies present in linear stages mean that, although the stages read back that the position is correct, at the top of the insertion rod, this may not be the actual position at all.

Phase 2 of the project wil be to measure, and correct, this error. Watch this space...
Panel Build

We tackle any size and type of panel, from one-offs to batch build.

All panels will be modelled in 3D CAD, so that all future builds can be reproduced faithfully. We can fabricate the panels, or modify off-the-shelf enclosures.

Parts lists can be generated, panel components can sourced and bought, and a netlist for the wiring will also be produced, again ensuring future builds are all the same.

Benchtop can produce panels based wholly on the customer's design, or provide a design service for both the mechanical and electrical work. All drawings will be submitted for approval prior to build.