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Benchtop Vacuum has undertaken many varied projects from system refurbishment to complete, ground-up design of vacuum controllers.
Gas Box Refit

An old Plasmatech gas box, with master/slave control, was in need of refitting due to the slave control no longer being used, and the untidy nature of some heavy modifications. It was also too large to fit on the wall and required a smaller enclosure.

We were able to take the gas box, and within a week, strip out the old slave controlled gas lines and re-house the panel into a new enclosure.

The new lines were fully leak tested before delivery, and all the valves and mass flow controllers electrically tested. The gas box is hooked up and working on an RIE80.

We are also able to offer full re-calibration of MFCs
Vacuum System Refurbishment / Upgrade

Benchtop was commisioned to perform some upgrades on this particular tool, which required some software debugging and an overhaul to the process media delivery system.

The tool was decommisioned and shipped to Benchtop's facility where the old delivery system was stripped out and the new improved system installed.

The old control software in the PLC and HMI was completely re-written.

The total loss water cooling circuit was replaced with a circuit allowing for use with recirculated water. Various other upgrades were added at the customers request.

Benchtop was able to turn around the refit in three weeks, with full commissioning after four weeks.

The customer has reported vastly improved results and repeatabilty.
VCP-610 ECO Vacuum Pump Controller

Benchtop was approached to design and prototype a pump controller to replace the VCP600, a common pump controller still in use today. The brief was to use PLC components, as opposed to PCB as used in the VCP600, and to make it pin for pin compatible with the VCP600

The manufacturer of the PLC and HMI, and the front panel switches were specified by the customer. Also, an outline specification of the functionality of the controller and a detailed I/O list were supplied.

Based on this we were able to select the correct PLC components, design and outsource the metal work for manufacture, produce the I/O PCB and begin the HMI and PLC software.

Benchtop designed and assembled a working prototype in five weeks, including a full software suite for the HMI and PLC.